Mosquito Control

    We use EPA registered insecticides in our treatment processes.   These include using a water based insecticide that kills off more than 75 pests – this puts an end to mosquitoes harboring on your property.  In addition we also use a growth regulator, which has two active ingredients which stops the juvenile pests from growing into adults. By disrupting the life cycle of the insects by keeping the juveniles from growing into adults, this gives a long term solution to pest control problems. Areas of sitting water or ponds require a larvacide to put a halt to the breeding process.

    We kill the existing population of mosquitoes and also interrupt the breeding process.

    We use backpack blowers for adequate distribution of material into shrubs, bushes, lawn areas, below decks and high into tree canopies. Blowers allow for effective distribution of chemical to the underside of foliage. Larvacides (if needed) are applied in dry granular form or floating pucks depending upon the location and situation.

    We treat foundation of buildings, fences, decks and underneath. Shrubs, trees, tall grass and low hanging vegetation. Also other areas where they rest, breed or feed.

    Visit our FAQ Page for more commonly asked questions regarding our mosquito control process.

    Service Features

    • Initial Consultation – gain understanding of property owners goals.
    • We inspect your property and propose a unique method of treatment and also provide recommendations for items that the property owners can assist with to insure the greatest results.
    • Treat entire property at 21 day intervals with chosen treatment plan. All treatment plans include barrier spraying. We have special techniques to treat areas of sitting water if applicable.
    • We recommend 5 treatments per season to provide coverage from late May thru mid-September.
    • We stay in touch throughout the process to insure treatment is working and to address problem areas if they arise.

    Pests We Target

    • Mosquitoes
    • Ticks