The Secret of Eliminating of Mosquito’s

To effectively combat pesky mosquito’s; you need to understand how they function, act and what they are attracted to.

Like most other flies, mosquito’s evolve through 4 stages in their life cycle: egg, larva, pupa and the adult stage. The first three stages are aquatic stages and overall last up to 15 days. Being that they are aquatic is one of the main reasons we do not see an active mosquito population in the colder months of the year. Granted, they are completely gone, the life cycles are just paused until the weather warms up.

Standing Water

Most species lay their eggs in stagnant water and commonly attached to aquatic plants. This is why areas near marshes, lakes and ponds have such an abundant amount of mosquito’s. Many mosquito species also breed in puddles and temporary water accumulations. Some of these temporary areas are: bird baths, tire swings, low areas in your yard, leaky pool equipment and so on. So naturally, one way to help reduce mosquito’s is too pay attention to these areas in your yard.

While there is no way to alleviate breeding from standing water in ditches, ponds or lakes there are some remedies for other areas that become season long breeding grounds. There are some products called dunks or pellets that are a great way to improve the efficiency of the property treatments we provide. These dunks work to kill of the larvae in standing water. Although the products say they are safe for fish habitats and animal watering troughs we would still recommend. Most people use these dunks in bird baths and have claimed excellent results, although some people place them near houseplants to rid their house of flies, gnats and other pests.

Mosquito Barrier Protection

In additional with utililizing some of the best practices above, we recoomend regularly scheduled insecticide applications. Learn more about this service we offer here.

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