Terms of Service

SERVICE: Advantage Mosquito Defense will provide “Mosquito Control” related services for its customers, with the intention of eliminating infestation levels, and maintaining acceptable levels in the future, with regular service intervals. Application will be performed using a commercial backpack sprayer.  Insecticides will be applied to property while following state laws and regulations.  It is understood that complete elimination of mosquitoes is not possible. To say that we will completely eliminate mosquito occurrences, would clearly be misleading and untrue. Our honest approach states our reduction in mosquitoes. Advantage Mosquito Defense does not claim “total elimination” of mosquitoes. This agreement ensures that Advantage Mosquito Defense will provide “Mosquito Control” services, on-time and in a professional manner. In the same respect, Customer agrees to make property readily available to Advantage Mosquito Defense for the purpose of providing “Mosquito Control Services” on the agreed frequencies. Advantage Mosquito Defense will make every effort to contact the customer for scheduling purposes. Currently, phone calls, emails, text messages, and reminder notifications are being used to notify our customers, and we will continue to do so in an effort to remind the customer that services will be performed.

MOSQUITO REDUCTION: Mosquito Defense Service does not eliminate mosquitoes, only reduces populations of mosquitoes and does not treat or prevent mosquito-borne disease. Nor does it prevent mosquito bites. Our services work well to reduce the numbers of mosquitoes and their offspring. As usual, ensuring the area is non-conducive to mosquito breeding, we can reduce the numbers of mosquitoes and the hatching eggs. These services are a complementary means to the ultimate mosquito control.

CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES: Customer understands that results of service are relative to and dependent upon the cooperation of the customer as to housekeeping, sanitation, maintenance, and accessibility of areas to be serviced. Customer agrees to cooperate as reasonably necessary to facilitate treatment and control. Customer agrees to assist in correcting any existing or potential condition, set forth in our inspection report, in order to prevent pest infestations. Please do your part and enjoy a reduction in mosquitoes! 

FUTURE DAMAGE: Advantage Mosquito Defense is not responsible for, and does not guarantee against present or future damage to structure or contents, or provide for the repair or replacement thereof.

GUARANTEE: Advantage Mosquito Defense stands behind their services to control pests, through delivery of regular mosquito control service. Reduction in pests can be seen after the first application but optimal results require more than one treatment at the recommended 21 day intervals. Our guarantee to you, is if you are seeing infestation levels while under the guarantee period, we will return at no cost to you, and make the correction. The sighting of one insect on your property does not mean the service is ineffective.

PAYMENT: Customer will be billed after service has been completed.  Customer assumes full financial responsibility for services rendered. Advantage Mosquito Defense does not accept net terms on residential properties. Therefore, payment is due in full at the completion of each service. In those cases where net terms are extended, a late fee of $25.00 will be applied to all unpaid invoices that are 30 days or more past the service date. At its own discretion, Advantage Mosquito Defense may discontinue service and begin collection proceedings without submitting (30) day cancellation notification if outstanding balances are not paid within 60 days. Upon failure to make such payments, the customer agrees to pay all costs associated with collection proceedings, including a reasonable attorney’s fee. Customer agrees to pay interest on all amounts 30 days past due at the rate of one and one-half percent (1 1/2%) per month (18% per annum)

WAIVER: Customer expressly releases and waives all liability claims against for compensation, re-treatments or repairs for injury or damages arising from biting or stinging pests, or contact with any product used by Advantage Mosquito Defense at the service address.

ACTS OF GOD AND OTHER EVENTS: Certain events beyond the control of Advantage Mosquito Defense may affect its ability to perform its obligations provided for under this agreement. These events include, but are not limited to heavy rain, strong winds, hurricanes, extreme temperatures, acts of governmental authorities, or any other acts of God, or circumstances or causes beyond the control of Advantage Mosquito Defense and shall have no liability if, at its discretion, it becomes necessary to postpone, cancel, or terminate treatment as a result of such.

CANCEL AGREEMENT: Either party may cancel the service agreement at any time.  All cancellations must be in writing. All outstanding balances must be paid in full upon cancellation.